Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission: Solve Problems. Improve Lives.

We seek to improve the lives of students, faculty, and staff by solving problems that affect our University community.  Our goal is to unlock financial aid for students in need by making all at Notre Dame more efficient and effective in their work.  


Our Vision

Establish a reputation of transformational excellence through our work with interested partners and students and to unlock financial aid for students in need.  


Our Values

Zeal - We carry a deep belief in and commitment to the mission of Notre Dame and apply it to our work everyday. 

Candor - Transparency is vital to creating trust among all of our partners.

Humility - We know we don’t have the answers and our first solutions won’t be the best, we have to iterate to be effective. 

Generosity - We go above and beyond in our work with our partners in helping them reach and exceed their goals.

Creativity - Difficult problems require imaginative solutions, we push ourselves and our teams to think big.