We invite you to share your ideas

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We ask for your help in identifying opportunities to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Notre Dame. Whether related to your department or to other areas of the University, we welcome your ideas.

Together, we can find ways to make the University more efficient through improved processes, better use of technology and automation, reduction of waste, the formation of strategic partnerships, calibration of service levels, or other suggestions.

Success will be obvious and inspiring as we work together to become even better stewards of the University’s resources. Any savings we identify will be dedicated to financial aid for students.

You can read more about the incentives we are offering for those ideas that are selected and implemented. Send us your ideas today!


Submit Your Ideas


Progress So Far

There have been over 130 ideas submitted to ND Innovates, and we are still seeking more.  Eighty-two of those ideas (excluding duplicates and a few that are not viable) are in various stages of implementation. Here are the categories:

  • Sustainability (34%)
  • Services (14%)
  • Processes (12%)
  • Procurement (11%)
  • Policies (11%)
  • Alternative work schedules (9%)
  • Miscellaneous (9%)